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Abeo LLC


Angels Of Defense

Care Surgery Center (CSC)

- check all the plugs for the power outlet of the computers, servers and devices if properly intact

UPS (Cyberpower 1500va) should be connected to server for remote administration.

Center Veterinary Clinic

Cliff Heiney

Cochise Animal Hospital

Dr. Kirk Prince (Father Of Dr. Prince)

Evocative Data Center Topology

Foothills Animal Hospital

- check on Port DD22 at UB4 switch, as per Chris the port or the line might be dead
- printer HP LaserJet MFP M426fdw was plugged in at DD22 (Port35) and was having issues
- printer HP LaserJet MFP M426fdw is now plugged in to TT22 (Port43) at UB4

Home User - Scott Dunham

JMT Mech

Joel Home

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layouts

Time: 3:30PM

-SBFC Office, check the UPS battery

-Meet Joel at his house at 1:30 PM
-Help him out on new printer copier that came in

- get the key for SBFC office from Joel

go to Joel's house to pick up the compressed air can to clean the printer, check your microsoft teams messages for the location of the can

Conference call with Darrin @ 11am AZ to discuss Work Order

Meet Joel at his house at 2PM.
Call him first on his cellphone before going there, to make sure he's back home.

John Stepart

- bring the laptop of Dr John Stepart to this location 6232 N 7th St., Suite 206B, AFTER the onsite visit on 59th Thomas
- Dr. Stepart Mobile # 602-770-7150

John Stepart Home

La Jolla Vet Hospital


PaloVerde Pets Office

Prestige Title Agency Office

Rapido 24th Thomas Office

- need to set DVR Time
- needs to be done onsite

- HP4250 2nd back up printer needs Maintenance kit

Rapido 24th (Primary Brother MFC-8460N)
- Laser and Fuser @ 14%

Rapido 24th (BackUP Brother MFC-8460N)
- PF kit 38%, Laser 38%, Fuser 38%

As Per Darrin, BackUP Brother MFC-8460N Already reset and added the same ip address
It is working as the Current primary printer now

- Second back up printer ( primary printer before ) Cannot set ip address as per Darrin. Need further checking.

Rapido 35th Glendale Office

- bring USB Hub for server

USB hub needed

- need to set DVR Time
- needs to be done onsite

Rapido 59th Office

- need to set DVR Time
- needs to be done onsite

- put back memory on the back up printer from the primary printer

Rapido 59th
2nd copier Brother MFC-8460N
- PF Kit 0%
- Fuser 0%
- Drum 36%

Fax Brother MFC-87100W
- PF Kit 42%
- Laser 42%

MFC-8710DW - Fax Drum Replacement and PaperJam Issue, need to buy fuser

MFC-8460N - Bad document feeder, error replace PF kit, Replace device

MFC-8460N - Drum Error and PaperJam, Replace drum first if issue is still going on go for device

Rapido 67th Camelback Office

Relabel workstation 4

Rapido Stapley Office

- need to set DVR Time
- needs to be done onsite

Brother MFC-8460N
- PF Kit, laser, paper pressure foot, and Drum needs replacement

Pick up toner


Shine Dental

The Book Balancer

- wireless headset install on Tatum's desk

The Dialogic LLC

Town And Country Vetrinary Clinic

Sunday - Nov. 28, 2021 - 05:18 PM

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